Clubsport Intake Manifold


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718 Clubsport Power for your 981 GT4:

Looking for more power for your 981 GT4? Power all the way to the redline so you can challenge those new 718 GT4s? When Porsche released the 718 GT4 Clubsports they used the same 3.8L 9A1 engine that was in the street car of the 981 GT4 instead of going to the 4.0L engine. Despite this, they were able to match the power output of the new 4.0L with a few upgrades! One of the major upgrades introduced is the Clubsport Intake manifold. 

This OEM Porsche Motorsports parts kit uncorks the 9A1 engine up top allowing the torque to hold properly until redline! This ends up giving you +30whp without tuning and +45whp with a custom tune! The personality of the engine is completely different as it loves to spend time in the upper RPMs and there is significantly added on throttle induction noise in the cabin!


This chart is our baseline at 73F ambient. The car has a set of cattless headers and the standard OTS Cobb stg2 map.

This chart above is after the install the same day 4 hours later. The temps were 75F outside on those runs. No changes to the OTS map and same exhaust system as before. The engine character is completely changed and keeps torque flatter to redline much better than the original intake manifold. This shows +30whp and much more induction noise!

Finally, we tried to get a little more out and wanted to see what a protune would add. The third chart is run at 79F on the same dyno. We get a lot more mid range torque and a little extra 15whp up top! That's a total of 45whp! Let’s just say on the straights, the car now matches the acceleration of a 718 GT4!  

Kit Includes:
  • 718 GT4 Clubsport Intake manifold
  • GT3 throttle body actuator and screws
  • Crank vent hose
  • Throttle body to Manifold Y tube
  • New starter cable
  • Hoses & T-clamps

Kit NEEDS ( Not included):

  • 2012-2016 Cayman S Starter ( Required to fit under the new Intake Manifold)
  • Adds 30-45whp
  • Changes the power profile of the car all the way to redline
  • Increases on throttle induction noise
  • OEM Porsche Motorsports part kit for the 981 GT4
  • Includes everything you need minus starter
  • Requires 981 Cayman S starter 
  • Installation time: ~4 hours
  • Match straight line speed of a 718 GT4

3D Scanning & Prototyping

Each DBJ product goes through several rigorous design phases. Starting from scratch, we collect high accuracy scanned data from cars to ensure great fitment. Data is then processed and models and designs are created using CAD software. Prototyping using 3D rapid prototyping printers are used to confirm scans and fitment. Sometimes we are able to print out entirely functional parts for road and track testing. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Initial designs are tested using both finite element analysis (FEA) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD). Both these methods require several iterations to ensure proper performance and optimization of DBJ parts. 

Real world testing

Finally once the design is completed, we test our prototypes on the street and track! Thoroughly test driving our products helps ensure that our customers have nothing but the best experiences when it comes to installation and performance results.