installation instructions

gt4 1600mm wing 

*DBJ is not responsible for damage to you or your vehicle by installing our products. Avoid improper installations that can lead to damage by using a professional for all installations.*

Tools Required:

4mm Allen socket

10mm socket

(2) T30 Torx stockets

Trim removal tools

Heat gun

(Optional) 3M Rubber Eraser 

Painters tape


Included Hardware:

(2) M6x22 or (2) M6x20 with flange

(2) M6x25 with flange 

(4) M6 nuts

(4) M6x12 with flange

(8) M6 washers (or included in flanged screws)

remove the oem wing

Start by removing the OEM wing. To do this, take (2) T30 Torx sockets and use one on each side of the wing stand bolts. There are (2) bolts on each wing stand that hold the wing (4 total). Be careful not to drop the wing when removing the last screw.

Remove oem wing stand covers

With the wing removed, line the sides of the wing mount covers with painters tape to protect the paint. Using a heat gun, warm up the area around to loosen the double sided tape that is used to secure the cover to the trunk. Be careful not to over heat the paint. Using a trim removal tool, stick it underneath and slowly pry away to lift the cover up. One other method that may help is to use dental tape to slowly cut the double sided tape. Once the tape is cut or loosened, the cover should be able to lift off from the trunk.

remove side covers

With the trunk lifted up, you will notice two side covers that conceal the bolts securing the OEM wing stand in place. Using a heat gun to weaken the adhesive, use the trim removal tools to remove the side covers. Underneath you will find access to (3) Torx screws. 

remove oem wing stands

The OEM Wing stands can now be removed. You will need to use a T30 Torx socket to remove the (3) screws on each side. Once the screws are removed, remove the wing stands. Once the stands are removed, take off the rubber seal as we will reuse this part on the new stands.

Clean up remaining adhesive

Once the wing stands have been removed, you can clean up the remaining adhesive tape around the top cut outs in the trunk. Also take this time to remove the remaining adhesive left by the side covers. This can be accomplished by simply rubbing the tape with your fingers or an optional 3M rubber wheel can make quick work of the remaining tape.

install swan neck stands

Now we are ready to install the DBJ swan neck mounts. First install the rubber seal that was taken off the original stands onto the swan neck mounts. They fit as shown in the bottom left picture. Next slide each mount carefully into the trunk slot from above. The tolerance is snug so it should be a near perfect fit. When the mounts are in, secure it with the original (3) T30 Torx screws on each side. Make sure that the correct wing stand is installed on each side as the stands maybe switched. It is quite obvious when it is switched because the stand will lean severely to opposite sides.

Install wing stand covers

The wing stand covers have been designed to slide over the top and down to the trunk lid when the stand is installed. Slide the stand covers on as seen in the picture to the top right. Note the correct orientation of the stand covers in the picture to the left. The less aggressive rise is meant to be pointed towards the rear of the car. Remove the adhesive backing on the underside of the stand covers and apply pressure to secure it to the trunk.

install the 1600mm wing

Using the supplied fasteners, attach the 1600mm wing to the stands. The fastener that we will use are:

(2) M6x20

(2) M6x25

(4) M6 nuts

Use the (2) M6x25 screws for the holes closer to the front of the car, the pivot, and (2) M6x20 screws for the rear. The screws in the rear are the ones that will determine the AOA. Also note that it is common for the wing stands to need to be pushed together when attaching the wing. For each screw be sure to use a M6 washer. On the other side use the supplied M6 nut. For details about setting the AOA, scroll to the very bottom of these instructions. 

install the end plates

Install the end plates on each side of the wing using the following hardware: 

(4) M6x12 screws

(4) M6 washers

You will need (2) of the screws and (2) washers per side. When installing the screws for the first time, be sure to line everything up straight and to turn slowly. There maybe a bit of resistance due to dust. Be careful not to over torque these screws. Torque these screws to 40in*lbs (NOT ft*lbs).

The angle of the end plates are also adjustable. Feel free to adjust it as you play with the AOA.

Setting up angle of attack

Follow these guidelines to setup the AOA. There are 2 rows of holes on the wing stands. We designated them in the middle picture below as row A and row B. Row A is used to reach adjustments from 1-8 degrees and row B is used for the more aggressive setups of 9-16 degrees. Each of these holes will naturally line up with the corresponding holes on the wing. In the bottom left photo, we numbered each of the holes from 1-8. Using row A, each of these holes provides an AOA equivalent to the number it was given. For example, hole 6 when matched up with the hole in row A will be at 6 degrees AOA. When using row B, add 8 degrees to each of these numbers. For example to reach 14 degrees, simply use hole #6 and the matching hole in row B.