terms & conditions


DBJ products will affect the handling and performance of your vehicle because that is what they are designed to do! Although most aerodynamic products should not affect your vehicle's factory warranty, in the event that your vehicle's warranty is affected by our products, DBJ accepts no responsibility. All products sold under the DBJ name are designed and developed to increase off-road vehicle performance and not intended for use on public streets. Due to the nature of off-road racing, all conditions and use cannot be foreseen and therefore the safety of any person associated with use of our products is out of our control. We cannot be held liable for said events, any product failures due to unforeseen events, or improper use or abuse when using products manufactured and sold by DBJ. Modifications of any vehicle by installing products manufactured by DBJ could alter the vehicle’s on-road performance in the event of a crash, resulting in bodily harm or property damage. In purchasing any item from DBJ, the purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility for any property damage or personal injury that may occur while using products manufactured and sold by DBJ. DBJ will not take responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from usage or failure of parts manufactured and/or sold by DBJ. Do not purchase or install any part manufactured or sold by DBJ if you do not agree with the above terms, and if you do not feel competent installing our products safely and correctly. Improper installation of components can lead to personal injury or death, or property damage. A qualified professional should install all products. DBJ reserves the right to change pricing, material specifications, and any other specifications associated with their products without prior notification.

Manufacturer Warranty: 

All parts have a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty against craftsmanship defects. Please contact support@designsbyjacob.com for any warranty issues claims.