Installation instructions

GT4 Canards


Installation should take only a 5 to 10 minutes and requires no tools. It is advised to clean the installation area on the bumper before you begin. The adhesive tape will work on the bumper as well as a bumper with paint protection film installed.

Start by removing the adhesive red backing on the double sided tape.

Next line up the canard by placing the higher end about 380mm from the bottom of the bumper as shown in the picture to the right. Do not add pressure until you have finalized the position. The top of the canard should line up with the raised detail crease on the black trim. There should only be about 2-3mm distance from the canard to the black trim. The lower point of the canard is about 150mm from the bottom of the bumper. The canard should fit very snugly against the bumper. Press firmly against the bumper when aligned and allow the tape 12-24 hrs for curing before driving. Repeat for the other side!