installation instructions

1450mm wing installation instructions

*DBJ is not responsible for damage to you or your vehicle by installing our products. Avoid improper installations that can lead to damage by using a professional for all installations.*

Required tools

4mm Allen socket

(2) T30 Torx sockets

1/4" Torque wrench (in*lbs)

Assemble the Wing

Attach the (2) wing mounts onto the underside of the wing using a 4mm allen socket. Align the mounts as seen in the photos below.  Use the supplied (8) M6x20mm screws. When attaching the wing mounts onto the wing for the first time, the threads maybe tight so be careful to line everything up straight and go slowly. Torque these screws down to 35in*lbs (NOT ft*lbs).

Attach the end plates

Using a 4mm allen, attach the end plates as shown using the (6) M6x12 Flat head screws using the same technique as the wing mounts. There are (3) screws for each side of the wing. Line everything up carefully and slowly turn in by hand. Note that the left and right end plates are counter sunk on opposite ends so that the screw can sit flush to the surface. Torque these screws down to 35in*lbs (NOT ft*lbs).

Remove oem wing

Remove the OEM wing using (2) T30 Torx sockets. One socket will be required on each side. There are (2) screws on each wing stand for a total of (4) screws that hold the wing to the risers. Be careful not to let the OEM wing drop onto your car when removing the screws. Set the original hardware aside as we will reuse them for the DBJ 1450mm wing.

install the DBJ 1450mm wing

Using the original fasteners, attach the DBJ 1450mm wing onto the wing stands. Once again you will need to use (2) T30 Torx sockets. One socket will be required on each side. The OEM washer should be sandwiched between the wing riser and the wing mount.

Setting the Angle of attack

The DBJ 1450mm wing has a total of (6) Angle of attack settings. In the picture above, each hole is labeled in red with a number or letter. These are the combinations and corresponding AOAs:

1 degree : C3

3 degree : B2

5 degree : A1

6 degree : C6

8 degree : B5

10 degree : A4