718 GT4 Splitter


718 GT4 Splitter Overview: 
Designed for the 718 GT4, this front splitter is very effective for balancing out the front end downforce when adding larger wings to the car! At stock height levels it creates about 90lbs of downforce at 80mph (~200lbs at 120mph). 

Two main design features help us achieve the added front end downforce. First, we create two distinct pressure regions above and below the splitter which sticks out approximately 2-3" from the factory splitter. The air above the splitter slows down as it hits the car and creates a high pressure region while the air below accelerates and creates a low pressure region. This pressure difference creates the downforce to help increase front grip! Second, there are two large diffusers just in the front of each tire. These diffusers direct airflow upwards and into the wheel well increasing the air velocity under the splitter and thus further increases the downforce produced. The diffusers produce about 20% of the overall downforce. 


The front splitter is constructed from pre-pregnated carbon fiber with a matte or glossy twill finish. Pre-pregnated carbon fiber ensures maximum strength and stiffness with minimal weight by avoiding excess resin during the manufacturing process. The carbon fiber sheet is then water cut to our drawings to ensure a perfect fit with your vehicle. It is stiff enough for high speeds yet flexible enough to take a beating. Should the splitter take too much damage, replacement splitter sheets are available. The two front diffusers are also created from carbon fiber formed to fit nicely on the GT4. 

The main mounting brackets are made from AL6061 and securely clamp onto the OEM front support beam. This means no cutting or permanent modifications are required. Slot patterns have been cut for the mounting holes to allow for adjustments of about 1". The splitter can be adjusted to stick out 2" to 3" from the front of the bumper. Our kit also includes a steel wire kit for those who hit the track at speeds over 130mph. The steel wire kit is used to reinforce the OEM front support beam so that it can hold the increased front downforce levels.

  • Built in adjustability to allow the splitter to move forward and back (2"-3" extension length)
  • 3.5mm dry carbon fiber 2x2 twill matte or glossy finish (stiff yet flexible enough for durability)
  • Front carbon fiber diffuser design adds ~20% more downforce than a flat bottom design
  • Steel wire reinforcement wire kit included to support OEM mounts at extreme speeds
  • Aluminum mounting brackets
  • CFD tested and road/track proven results
  • Supports over 500 lbs
  • 90lbs downforce @80mph
  • Helps even up aerodynamic balance for larger wing angles and upgrades
  • Overall Weight: 11lbs
  • No cutting required
  • Replacement splitters at a fraction of the cost

Collections: 718 Cayman & Boxster

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