Installation Instructions

Cayman Wing adapter

*Installation time should be 2-3 hours*

**DBJ is not responsible for damage to you or your vehicle by installing our products. Avoid improper installations that can lead to damage by using a professional for all installations.**

Required Tools

TOOLS REQUIRED                                                  INCLUDED HARDWARE

4mm Allen                                                            (2) Adapter Brackets

Power Drill                                                   (10) Counter Sunk Washers

Drill Bit Set ( 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4")                                     (10) M6X12 Flat Head Screws

Pliers                                                                    (6)    M6x20 Screws

          Small Flat Head Screwdriver                                     (6 pieces) Vinyl template set

Cutoff Wheel                                                  (6) 5/8" Black Plastic Covers

Small Straight File                                                                    (2) Trunk Struts

   Painters Tape                                                         (2) Trunk Bumper Standoffs

Safety Goggles                                                                                             

Safety Gloves                                                                                                     


Optional Parts include: OEM Gasket, Wing mounting screws and nuts

Setup Cutting templates

Let's get ready to apply all the vinyl cutting templates to the trunk. These templates will be used to ensure proper location for cutting slots and holes. All templates are labeled with a "P" or "D" indicating passenger or driver side.

*When laying the vinyl down, be sure not to pick up the vinyl once applied. It is possible to stretch vinyl once the transfer tape is removed causing misalignment or shifting*

Start with the top of the trunk. The vinyl template for the top of the trunk is shown in the top left picture. Apply the vinyl to the top of the trunk using the sides shown with the red arrow as a guideline to match the corner of the trunk. Repeat this for both the passenger and driver sides.

Next open up the trunk so you can access the underside. On the side of the trunk you will notice a small hole in the trunk near the side rubber bumper. It is circled in the picture to the right. This hole will match up with the hole in the template. Make sure to use the correct template for the correct side and that the up arrow is pointed up. The bottom of the template should follow the edge of the trunk and the top will follow the flat area of the trunk side. Complete this for both passenger and driver sides.

Underneath the trunk we will lay out the vinyl as shown in this picture to the left. The bumper stop will fit directly in the large circle cut out in the vinyl template. Use the curve of the black trim as your guide to match the inside edge of the vinyl. Repeat for both sides.

Preparing to Cut and Drill

Before you cut, we recommend the following optional steps. Using painters tape, along the lines and holes where you are about to cut or drill. Painters tape will help prevent paint around the sides from chipping during the cutting process. The vinyl templates will protect the paint to some extent already but the painters tape adds a secondary layer of protection. 

Line the underneath of the trunk with a plastic bag or tarp. This will help catch all or most of the metal chips that will come off when drilling into the bottom and sides of the trunk. 

When drilling, always start with a smaller bit and work your way up to the final size. Smaller pilot holes will ensure location accuracy. 

Cut the top slots

To cut the slots on the trunk, begin by drilling 4 pilot holes. One at each of the slot ends. Next step up the drill size until you reach 5/8". With the ends of the slots drilled out, use a cutting wheel to cut out the metal between the pilot holes to create a slot. Be sure to catch and remove the sheetmetal that is cut before it falls into the trunk. File away any sharp edges for a clean finish.

Drill the side holes

On each side of the trunk, 3 holes will need to be drilled out. The holes will be drilled out to 5/8" and the position is shown by the holes in the vinyl template. 

Drill out the bottom holes

Drill out the 10 bottom holes in the locations indicated by the cutting templates. These holes will be drilled out to 3/8". The holes are slightly oversized to allow for adjustment of the wing bracket. Once all the cutting and drilling is completed, simply remove all the painters tape and vinyl templates. Be sure to be careful when cleaning to car as to not scratch the paint. Remember that there are aluminum scraps produced when cutting into the trunk. 

install wing adapter brackets

Have the trunk opened and angled roughly level to insert the wing adapter bracket with pliers through the slot cut into the top of trunk. The orientation of the wing bracket can be seen in the picture to the top left. Indicated by the green arrow, this part of the bracket should be pointing towards the center of the trunk. Pointed out in red, there are 5 M6 threaded holes on the bottom of the bracket. The treads are meant to be screwed into from the bottom of the trunk.

The supplied flat head screws and counter sunk washers are to be used as shown in the top middle picture. This leaves a clean looking install when completed. When installing the bracket for the first time, attach 5 screws and washers underneath and have them loosened so that the bracket can be adjusted to be parallel with the trunk lines. 

For reference, look at the measurement of the OEM wing stands to the edge of the trunk (see the top right picture). There should be about 1 and 11/16" distance (43mm) to the edge when the stands are installed. It is advised to take out the wing risers to make this measurement before tightening down the 5 bolts underneath. Once the final position is determined, these brackets do not need to be adjusted when changing out different risers. 

*Be careful not to let the trunk move and risk losing the adapter bracket when it has not yet been bolted to the trunk.*

Installing Wing Risers

Whether or not you use aftermarket risers or the OEM risers, the installation is identical to the GT4 wing riser install. There are 3 screws on each side that go through the side of the trunk and secure wing risers onto the adapter brackets. You can access the screws from these side holes. 

Install Trunk Struts and Bumper Spacers

Using a set of pliers or a small flat head screw driver, pull up on the ends of the OEM struts (top left picture). This will release the lock on the strut and allow you to pull away from the ball joints (top middle picture). Be careful as you remove the OEM struts as the trunk weight will cause the trunk fall down when removed. Once removed you can install the new, stronger struts. These struts will provide the extra force to lift the gate with a wing on it!

Finally install the trunk 2 bumper spacers. They are located on the rear corners of the trunk (top right picture). These spacers help prevent the trunk from closing too far down with the added downforce of a wing. Simply turn counter clockwise with your hand until you remove the bumper completely. Slip on the rubber washer and reinstall the bumper on both sides.

Install Side hole covers

Included in the kit are 6 plastic hole covers. 3 of these are to be used on each side to cover the screws and holes that hold to the wing risers to the wing bracket. Install these once you have finished installing the wing and riser assembly onto the car.