Cayman Wing Adapter



Pricing is automatically discounted to $397.50 when paired with a DBJ Wing in your cart or you can pick one of the included wing & riser kits.
Cayman Rear Wing Adapter Brackets Overview: 
For those who are looking to attach a wing onto your non-GT4 Cayman( 981 & 718), options were quite limited and sometimes solutions did not offer proper mounting for real wings. One of the options is to take a GT4 trunk and swap it onto the Cayman since it has the proper mounting bracing in the trunk. This solution however costs quite a bit and adds a lot to the total bill especially when risers and wings are plenty expensive themselves. The DBJ cayman wing adapter kit solves this problem by allowing you to modify your existing trunk with easy to use templates and strong brackets that allow for high loads. Included in the kit are also items that are needed to help support a new wing such as stronger struts, standoffs, and hardware. Our design allows for a clean looking OEM installation and allows the use of any aftermarket and OEM wing risers designed for the GT4. This also means wings designed for the GT4 can now be installed onto your Cayman!

The wing adapter brackets are made from stainless steel plates and  bent to the right angle to match the GT4 mounts. We spent many hours and had over 15 revisions to get this bracket right. The shape of the bracket spreads out the wing load over a wider surface yielding better wing stability and trunk strength.

  • Adapter kit fits both 981 and 718 Cayman models
  • Stainless Steel brackets allowing mounting of high downforce wings
  • Includes bumper standoffs for supporting higher loads
  • Includes stronger trunk strut for supporting heavier wings
  • Custom hardware and covers for clean looking installation
  • Modifies your existing trunk
  • Maintains OEM styling features and shares common mounting point with the Cayman GT4
  • Will fit all aftermarket and OEM wing risers designed for the GT4
  • Easy Vinyl Installation templates for quicker installs.
  • Installation should take 2-4 hours depending on your experience and shop


Customer Reviews

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Super excited for the kit and the parts are extremely well built and definitely worth the money if anyone is considering. Going to install them this upcoming weekend and very excited to post the results. Had a minor hiccup in product availability at the time but he responded extremely fast and took care of everything and got it shipped out and delivered in no time. 10/10 recommend!!

This adapter is a must!

I had an aftermarket wing that used rivets to mount to the rear hatch. At track speeds above 100MPH, the wing would vibrate pretty significantly.

After upgrading to the wing adapter, the rear wing stays absolutely rigid with no wobble.

Night and day difference!

3D Scanning & Prototyping

Each DBJ product goes through several rigorous design phases. Starting from scratch, we collect high accuracy scanned data from cars to ensure great fitment. Data is then processed and models and designs are created using CAD software. Prototyping using 3D rapid prototyping printers are used to confirm scans and fitment. Sometimes we are able to print out entirely functional parts for road and track testing. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Initial designs are tested using both finite element analysis (FEA) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD). Both these methods require several iterations to ensure proper performance and optimization of DBJ parts. 

Real world testing

Finally once the design is completed, we test our prototypes on the street and track! Thoroughly test driving our products helps ensure that our customers have nothing but the best experiences when it comes to installation and performance results.