GT4 Front Canards


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GT4 Front Canards Overview: 
Right from the factory, the GT4 suffers from a tendency towards understeer. Find tune your aero balance, by adding these canards to your arsenal! Canards can help reduce understeer by shifting the aerodynamic balance forwards! Installed directly on the front bumper, the canards generate downforce through two distinct methods. The obvious is the high pressure surface that catches air on the top surfaces. The second is by directing the air around the front wheel wells to reduce pressure and lift generated in these areas. Through our simulations, these canards will generate 45lbs of downforce and add 13lbs of drag at 120mph. Although these canards generate a relatively small amount of downforce, this force is created at the very front of the car and thus is quite effective at balancing out rear. This is especially noticeable during high speed turns and helps bring the car back to a neutral handling position.


Easy to install, our canards come lined with 3M double sided tape. Simply remove the protective film and line up the canard to the front bumper and apply pressure. 3M tape provides more than enough strength to secure the canards for extreme speeds. It can be installed directly onto bumpers even with PPF. We have tested these on our shop car with PPF at track speeds with zero issues!

The canards are constructed from pre-pregnated 2mm thick carbon fiber with a matte or glossy twill finish. Much stiffer due to the increased thickness, these canards can handle a lot of abuse and high loads before deforming. 
Designed from precise 3D scanned data, fitment is perfect. Using 3M double sided tape, you only need to remove the back lining before installation.  
  • 2mm dry carbon fiber 2x2 twill matte or glossy finish
  • 3M double sided tape mounting won't come off even at extreme speeds
  • CFD tested and road/track proven results
  • 45lbs downforce @120mph
  • 13lbs drag@120mph
  • Shifts aerodynamic balance forward
  • Overall Weight: <1lbs
  • Easy Installation in under 5 minutes


3D Scanning & Prototyping

Each DBJ product goes through several rigorous design phases. Starting from scratch, we collect high accuracy scanned data from cars to ensure great fitment. Data is then processed and models and designs are created using CAD software. Prototyping using 3D rapid prototyping printers are used to confirm scans and fitment. Sometimes we are able to print out entirely functional parts for road and track testing. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Initial designs are tested using both finite element analysis (FEA) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD). Both these methods require several iterations to ensure proper performance and optimization of DBJ parts. 

Real world testing

Finally once the design is completed, we test our prototypes on the street and track! Thoroughly test driving our products helps ensure that our customers have nothing but the best experiences when it comes to installation and performance results.